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Where Should I Look For Drug Rehab FL?

Your employer may offer a drug rehab FL program. They want to do their part to ensure the workplace is safe and has the best employees. They also realize the stereotype of what a drug user is doesn't fit everyone. They believe in second chances and so they may have something in place to help you.

There are usually two ways you can be part of an employer offered drug treatment program. First, if you test positive for a drug test then they can mandate you go through the program. If you decline to do so, you are terminated on the spot. They can't keep you around if you aren't going to help yourself as you are a danger to others working there.

If you have a safety accident, they should mandate a drug test as part of the investigation. The accident may not have been your fault but it is typically policy for everyone involved to take a drug test. This helps to rule out any such concerns early in the investigation. If you refuse to take a test you will be fired. If you take a test and it is positive, the same as above applies. You go to drug rehab or you don't have a job.

The other scenario is you go to your boss and tell them that you have a drug issue and you would like to get help. Then they can get you voluntarily enrolled in the drug rehab FL program they offer. Most of the time this is a one time shot for each employee. If you go to drug rehab in FL and then you go back to using it won't be offered a second time.

If you go through the drug treatment and come back to work, you have a clean slate. You get to start over and you don't have anything hanging over you. There may be stipulations though including regular drug testing to ensure you haven't slipped up.

The duration of time for the drug rehab FL depends on your employer and what they have in motion. You may qualify for a percentage of your wages to still get paid while you are in the drug rehab facility too. All of these details should be in your employee handbook. If you have questions, you can ask your human resources division.

Many people worry about confidentiality when they have to leave work to go to drug rehab in FL. It is hard to keep something like that quiet, especially in a small company. However, you don't have to feel upset about it. Most people will be glad you got the treatment and that you had an opportunity to get your job back once you did. Don't let that be what holds you back from getting the help you need.

If you aren't sure about the policy in place for drug rehab in FL, find out. Sometimes, it will also cover the care for a spouse or a minor child. Check all of the details to see how it can be used for your particular situation.

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